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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Madison Fly


Madison is a psychology major with a minor in computer science who joined Kappa because of the authenticity of every member. She fell in love with the way everyone could just be who they were and were accepted and celebrated because of it. During her time serving as out chapter's president, she hopes to cultivate an atmosphere of support, enthusiasm, and love within CC and the chapter while helping all of the officers grow and to support them in their positions, so that we can all help our chapter thrive and reach its potential. In her free time, you can probably find her on the Kappa porch swing listening to the Avett Brothers... most likely dreaming of where her travels will take her next!

Mary Drue Hall

Vice President - Standards

Mary Drue is a Contemporary European Studies major. She wanted to serve on CC, because she felt that this position in the chapter would specifically allow her to contribute her impeccable organizational skills... she's also an accomplished pancake artist! Her goal is to continue to increase participation in sisterhood events and build tighter relationships among our members who might otherwise not get to know each other. She loves reading, watching Sex and the City (she's totally a Miranda who wishes she was a Carrie) and exploring the illuminating depths of feminist subculture. Besides the Kappa standards room, she feels most at home in the pottery studio where she can practice her craft!

Emily Sutton

Vice President - Organization

Emily is a Journalism major whose passions include baseball and french fries (and spending waayyyyy too much time online shopping). If you asked any of her friends, they'd tell you that she's definitely the panicky-worried mom of the group. Emily loves the amount of diversity Kappa possesses. She gets excited thinking about meeting new girls every semester as they enter our organization! When she's not reading blogs and spending time with loved ones, she's giving this chapter her 100%. She worked on house board this past year felt as if serving on CC would be a great way to give back to the organization that has truly given her so much.

Aliesha Vinar

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Aliesha is a Public Relations major minoring in Entrepreneurship with a passion for photography and painting. She hopes that as VP Academic Excellence that she may help to support and inspire her sisters to accomplish their greatest aspirations and to offer the most beneficial and practical academic resources. Aliesha does her best to truly foster a community of positivity, understanding, and mutual encouragement in relation to our academics.

Juliana Koricke


Juliana loves spending her time baking, hiking, and enjoying a good book. She joined Kappa because she wanted to have a family on campus! Being in a sorority is all about sisterhood and being there for one another... and those are things that she truly values. She admires and looks up to Sheryl Sandberg as a role model and recommends watching her TedTalk on why we have too few women leaders. Other than Kappa, some of Juliana's greatest passions include fashion, wildlife, and the environment!

Laura Ziperski


Laura is a Sophomore Business major who joined Kappa because she wanted to make long lasting friendships, go to events, and participate in leadership roles and philanthropy opportunities, and the incredible friendships she's made are what keeps her coming back each semester!

Molly Looman


Molly is a Public Relations and Dramatic Arts Major who loves spending her free time watching reality TV and obsessing over the British royal family. She loves motivating her friends and hanging out in the Daily Tar Heel office. As soon as Molly walked in the door, she could sense that kappa was bursting with positive and welcoming energy. She hopes to remind our sisters why they joined Kappa and by making sure that we are centered around the things that bind us to one another and to every kappa in the world. She truly strives to make a difference in the chapter. In her words, "Talking about change and being the one to do it are different. I wanted to be the later."

Libby Poston

House Chairman

Libby is an interdisciplinary studies major with an outdoor education concentration. If you're ever lucky enough to to to cookout with this gal, she'll order her signature tray, consisting of chicken tenders and a double side of chicken nuggets! Her greatest passions include rapping, SoundCloud, and exploring the outdoors and loves comforting her friends by transcending ancient eastern philosophies onto their problems as millennials. Libby recognizes our house's rich history and how it serves as the backdrop for so much of our ~sisterly~ bonding time, and it's her personal mission to help keep that going for sisters to come!

Christy Nymick

Membership Chairman

Christy is a junior Biology major who loves spending her time reading and working out. She's obsessed with spotify and is most proud of her "Women in Pop" playlist which is a banger of catchy upbeat pop songs perfect for any occasion but not a single one is sung by a man! Her main goal as the new membership chair is to have a successful recruitment that brings in a great new pledge class. She hopes that the newest members of Kappa are as excited to join our house as we are to have them here. Kappa is a home away from home for Christy, and can't wait to share that feeling with potential new members!

Dillon Davis

Recruitment Chairman

Dillon is a Media and Journalism major from Winston Salem with a concentration in Editing and Graphic Design. She loves spending her free time making videos, baking, and dancing... just as long as she can get to sleep before 10:30! More than anything, Kappa was a place Dillon felt comfortable and her freshman year. Last year, she served as Public Relations Chairman and loved having a leadership role because it's an opportunity to grow closer to everyone in the chapter and learn how everything works in the chapter. She wants to make recruitment a fun and enjoyable time for everyone. It can be so stressful and emotionally draining, so she aims to promote positivity and mental health through the entire process!

Sabrina Ruch

New Member Chairman

Sabrina is a sophomore Political Science major who just so happens to never wear matching socks (because it's bad luck, obviously!) She loves fashion, Legally Blonde, sipping on iced coffee, and her role model, RBG. As new member chairman, Sabrina's made it her goal to make sure every new member is able to feel comfortable and welcomed into our chapter. "Kappa means something different to every girl that joins, and I hope I can help each new member find that unique meaning."

Caitlyn Walbrecht

Panhellenic Delegate

Caitlyn is a first-year Exercise & Sport Science and Anthropology double major who wanted to join CC to make a difference in Kappa which has made such a huge difference in making her first year at UNC just so amazing! She hopes to unite the chapter even more and make stronger connections with other chapters on campus! When she's not at Kappa, she's fueling up on coffee to cheer on her Tarheels (and OF COURSE the Nebraska Cornhuskers)! That explains why her favorite time of the year is fall... football season!

Sarah Muñeton

Philanthropy Chairman

Sarah is a junior Political Science major who enjoys spending her free time watching Netflix, playing field hockey, and oil painting. Her goal as Philanthropy Chairman is to encourage volunteerism and grow a love for philanthropy in our chapter. Sarah is an expert at talking and could probably talk to just about anyone. "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going..." oh Sarah!

Kathleen Brock

Public Relations Chairman

Kathleen is a junior Anthropology and Archaeology major. When she's not outside digging, she enjoys spending her free time bouldering, watching Jersey Shore, hiking, and watching foreign indie films. She went Kappa because of the magnetic warm energy exuding from everyone in the chapter! She knew this her home and intends to highlight its greatest aspects and fantastic members on social media. She said, "I just get so much happiness from sharing our incredible sisterhood with the public. It's fantastic!" Kathleen feels most at home in the UNC Research Laboratories of Archaeology, and considers herself an expert procrastinator, who would probably rather be baking bread (challah is her specialty)!

Rachel Jensen

Risk Management Chairman

Rachel is a sophomore Media and Journalism major who loves Kappa for the valuable friendships it's made and supportive relationships that keep her coming back. As Risk Management Chairman, Rachel assures that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable time at all of our events. When she's not helping out on CC, Rachel loves reading and playing field hockey.

Logan Allio

Event Chairman

Logan is a sophomore Biology and Exercise & Sport Science major. She joined Kappa because she loved the vibe she got from all of the sisters each day when she walked in the house! She plans on organizing some exciting events and coming up with some new and creative themes! Logan's danced for 16 years and continues to do so here at UNC. When she's not dancing or at Kappa, she's probably watching UNC sports, binging on favorite netflix shows, or hanging out with her friends on Franklin Street.

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