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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Maggie Emery


Maggie is a senior Business Administration major. She's obsessed with giraffes, Tru Deli and, of course, Carolina Basketball. She joined Kappa for the sisterhood she saw during recruitment, and feels most at home on the couch in Kappa's informal living room. "I have made my absolute best friends in Kappa," she said. "I love being involved in our events, our leadership development and just hanging around the house every day!"

Madison Fly

Vice President - Standards

Madison is a junior Psychology major and Computer Science minor. She loves baking, Harry Potter, and bands like the Head and the Heart and the Avett Brothers. When she's not swinging on Kappa's porch swing, she can be found hiking with friends or traveling to try new foods. Madison's excited about the opportunities she has by being on Chapter Council. "Kappa has already given me so much in the three semesters I have been in it," she said, "and I wanted to continue to give that same experience to all my sisters. By being on CC, I can devote my time and energy to the chapter by cultivating our sisterhood and helping our chapter reach its potential."

Emma Burri

Vice President - Organization

Emma is a senior Biology and History double major. You can usually find her scrolling through the UNC meme page, watching Netflix or doing yoga. In her friend group, she's like a cool dad that tells you to make good choices, but also has monogrammed towels on hand. She was drawn to Kappa because of its sisterhood. "I loved the way I felt at home," she said, "and the way that Kappa valued sisterhood so heavily. I felt like Kappa could be my second home on campus, and it was!"

Mary Chiappetta

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Mary is a junior Communications Studies and Media and Journalism double major with a focus in Public Relations. She loves cheering for her Carolina teams from UNC Men's Basketball to the Carolina Panthers. Some other obsessions include the Kardashians, NYC and Kate Spade. She feels really at home within the walls of Kappa. "Kappa is where my best friends are," she said. "I have met people here that I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life. Kappa is my home away from home. I know that my sisters will always be there to support me."

Kathryn Hintze

Recording Secretary

Kathryn is a sophomore Math major. She is a lover of all things UNC Basketball, Crocs and Tru Deli. Her free time is spent exploring Chapel Hill and spending time with her friends. During recruitment, she fell in love with the inclusive environment Kappa has to offer. "Kappa is a place that accepts you as who you are," she said, "instead of trying to change you to fit a mold. I love how when I go to the house, I don't have to worry who is there already- I can just sit wherever and talk to whoever."

Mallory Bates

Corresponding Secretary

Mallory is a sophomore Pre-Nursing major. She loves a good Netflix binge almost as much as riding horses or volunteering at the SECU Family House. She considers herself an expert overthinker, but when it came to feeling at home in Kappa, she didn't think twice. "I really liked how original and real the girls I met during recruitment were," she said. "I felt at home instantly."

Kristin Galeri


Kristin is a senior Economics and Public Policy double major. She's an avid book reader and can't function without her coffee and her chocolate. She's definitely the grandma of the friend group with her early bed time and protective nature, but she's the most fun grandma you'll ever meet. She relies on her friendships within Kappa to help build her college experience. "College would not be the same without the relationships I've built in this house," she said. "As an out-of-state student who's states away from my family, my Kappa sisters are my support system here. They've been here during the good times and bad and I wouldn't be who I am without them."

Kayla Baresich


Kayla is a sophomore Psychology major. She loves UNC Basketball, Chrissy Teigen and, above all, memes. As registrar, she's excited to get the chapter excited about delving into chapter history as well as preserving it.

Ann Fitts


Ann is a senior Communication Studies and Political Science double major. Saying she has an obsession with watching Law & Order: SVU is an understatement. She can also be found hand-lettering, painting, or fawning over her dogs Rooster, Jackie and Dot. She feels a deep connection with Kappa ritual and is excited about spreading that connection within the chapter. "As Marshal," she said, "I'd really like to help the chapter understand the importance of our ritual and how meaningful it is. Our ritual is what ties us to the women who came before us and the women who will come after us."

Rebekah White

House Chairman

Rebekah is a junior Biology major and Chemistry minor. She loves crafting and Netflix binges and has a deep-rooted love for memes. She's an expert at spending too much time rocking on the Kappa porch. "I went Kappa because I loved the diverse, talented, and philanthropic women I met," she said. "I've been immersed in such a strong and loving sisterhood since day one. These women are incredible; they encourage me to be the best woman, student and leader possible."

Ally Dombroski

Membership Chairman

Ally is a senior Biology major and Neuroscience and Chemistry double minor. You can usually find her playing almost any sport, going on a Taco Bell run or watching "The Office". She's an expert at small, weird talents like juggling and cherry stem-tying. "I joined Kappa because going through recruitment, I remember looking around and seeing girls that actually really liked each other," she said. "Girls were willing to goof around and be themselves, and I could tell that their happiness was authentic rather than just some painted smiles."

Ally Jordan

Recruitment Chairman

Ally is a senior Political Science and Media and Journalism double major with a concentration in Public Relations. She is a lover of indie music, all national parks and foxes. You can find her hiking, skiing or concert-going in her free time. "I joined Kappa because it was one of the first places at UNC I felt genuinely at home," she said. "Being a legacy, I always was interested in Kappa, but I was worried it wouldn't be the right fit. Turns out it was the perfect one."

Shawna Sheperd

New Member Chairman

Shawna is a junior Political Science and English double major. Her obsessions include puppies, education and theater. She is the self-described "mom who cares too much" of the friend group, which has transitioned well into her position as New Member Chairman. "I want to make a substantial difference for new member's experience," she said, "by making everyone comfortable with our chapter and clearly communicate everything our chapter does-which is a lot."

Kate Elliott

Panhellenic Delegate

Kate is a junior Media and Journalism major with a concentration in Advertising and Art History minor. Her loves include perusing art museums, Vine compilations and golden-doodle puppies. In her friend group, she plays the fun, outspoken, but overall hilarious aunt role. "If I could sum up in a few words why I joined Kappa," she said, "I would say sisterhood, community, acceptance, fun and, of course, Chef Jo's Salmon."

Grace Stafford

Philanthropy Chairman

Grace is a senior Quantitative Biology and Women and Gender Studies double major. She's a lover of podcasts, caramel iced coffee and volunteering at TABLE, a local nonprofit that provides food aid to local hungry children. "When I came to UNC," she said, "I thought I wasn't the 'sorority type,' but as time went on, I kept meeting more Kappas in my classes, and they were all very funny and genuine people. I was looking for a place where I could come and be comfortable, so that's what made me decide to go through recruitment."

Kelly Pring

Education Chairman

Kelly is a senior Biology major. Between obsessing over chocolate and LuluLemon, she enjoys spending her time volunteering at UNC Hospitals and playing volleyball. When it comes to finding cute Twitter dog photos and buying way more leggings than you need, Kelly is your gal! She was excited to join Chapter Council so she could use her skills to help the chapter as a whole. "Being on CC has allowed me to help give back to the chapter that has given so much to me," she said.

Dillon Davis

Public Relations Chairman

Dillon is a junior Media and Journalism major with a concentration in Graphic Design. Her obsessions include her hometown of Winston-Salem, her Jeep and making Spotify playlists. She's the friend that's always up for an A.C. Moore or late-night food run. She loves Kappa for the relationships she's built in her time here. "Whether it's meeting people at Leadership Academy," she said, "or getting advice from upperclassmen, I have such a constant, useful and genuine source of gaining inspiration from strong, incredibly smart women."

Maggie Brenan

Risk Management Chairman

Maggie is a sophomore Media and Journalism major. Her obsessions include Grey's Anatomy, vines and generally pestering her suitemates. An expert at spending too much time at the Kappa lunch table, Maggie joined Kappa for the support system. "The incredible friends I've made in Kappa have truly gotten me through my freshman year and made it a more positive experience than I could have ever imagined!" she said.

Elliott White

Event Chairman

Elliott is a sophomore Business and Statistics double major. She loves watching sports, cooking and talking about Camp Kanata, where she works during the summer. Pulling an Elliott would consist of baking for other people and drinking a lot of a lot. The strong bonds she's made with girls in the chapter are what form her love for Kappa. "Kappa feels like a second home," she said. "The girls here are the people I share my college memories with and they are always there for me."

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